Various Lines of Work That You Can Fit Into as a Design Engineer

A career in engineering gives you the rare opportunity to put your imagination into action and get paid for it. There are many engineering fields you can venture into, including mechanical, IT, aeronautical and civil engineering. Design engineering is, however, one of the most lucrative and fastest growing nowadays.

As a design engineering graduate, therefore, you can be sure you will always find something for you with the help of engineering recruitment companies like Future Engineering Recruitment LtdYou will also have several career prospects with your degree which are generally not available in other fields. Here are some of these design engineering career options.

Electronics Engineering

This job primarily focuses on designing electrical circuits and systems. In this career, most design engineers work under an electronics engineer title. They mainly work on a new project during its initial stages to create system concepts. They might also be required to introduce specific improvements in existing systems. With most devices in today’s world being electronic, the demand for electronic engineers is at an all-time high.

Instrumentation Engineering

This design engineering field focuses on the control of various devices. The typical work of an instrumentation engineer includes programming machines, designing monitoring systems and programming machines. If you love the circuitry side of engineering, instrumentation engineering is the ideal option for your career.

Mechatronics engineering

In this field, you will work on mechanical and electrical systems. The primary task of a mechatronics engineer is to integrate the physical elements of devices and ensure they function seamlessly. There are various job titles for mechatronics engineers, including systems, mechanical design and product design engineer.

From the above options, you are assured that your design engineering career will be nothing short of challenging. The salary prospects of this field, however, make every challenge worth it. If you are wondering what to study or specialise in, your decision is now easier with the information mentioned above.