Website 101: Tips to Increase Traffic and Engagement

Laptop screen showing web trafficCreating a website is always appealing since it easily puts your brand out there for the rest of the world to see. Normally, businesses that put up websites pay the yearly plan for the dot-com domain and spend a lot of time coding to create an aesthetically pleasing home page.

However, keep in mind that spending time, money, and effort to create a good home page does not always guarantee good website engagement.

If you want to make the most of that dot-com plan, keep reading.

Keep those URLs short

We are not just talking about the name before the dot com. If you are going to create pages within the website, make sure that the URLs you are using for these pages are also short and relevant. Chances are audiences will find it easier to remember which page of your site they saw a specific content.

Consider 2-language versions

Did you know that people tend to bounce from a site immediately once it loads in a different language? If you are going to sell something on the dot-com, make sure it is viewable in a language that many people can understand.

For this task, it is best to opt for a professional translation service to put your best foot forward.

Write good content

Sure, the page looks catchy, but is the content something that your target market would want to read? Better yet, is the content something that people would want to engage with? Regularly supplying quality content on your website keeps your audiences interested and involved.

They can comment on new content and share these on social media. Remember: the goal is to make sure your audiences do not leave just after getting to the landing page.

Add images to every page

The thing with adding multimedia is that they tend to slow down the site’s loading time. However, just beautifully designed templates are not enough for the visually oriented digital consumer.

When done right (e.g. when you use compressed or web-optimized file sizes), adding an image or other multimedia content makes your website even more enjoyable for audiences.

Follow these tips, and you will surely increase traffic on your website.