What’s Lurking in Your Home this Winter?

In the dead of winter, who has the motivation to inspect the house for problems? You may want to just stay in bed and do nothing. Going to work is challenging enough with the roads filled with snow. When you get home, you want to just relax.

This is why you should get started addressing potential problems before winter officially sets in. Now that we’re nearing November, check on the following:

Mold in the Basement

The basement is the perfect breeding ground for pests and mold because they will not be disturbed often. When you leave the basement uninhabited for a long time, you may not notice the moisture that’s encouraging mold growth. Things will only get worse from there, so before mold spreads and causes sicknesses in the family, it’s best to call for mold remediation. Even if you don’t see any visible signs of mold yet, Certified Disaster Services noted that many of Ogden’s remediation companies can inspect the house to see if you are at risk.

Leak in the Pipes

Frozen pipes are a big problem in winter, but leaks are not any better. The leak can cause you to lose precious hot water, which you will be paying for even if you didn’t get to use it. Imagine all the money you could have saved if you knew of the leak and have had it repaired immediately. If you’ve been in the house for more than a decade, it’s time to have the pipes inspected. They get old too, and when they do, they are more prone to problems.

Infestation in the Kitchen

Pests such as rodents look for warmth now that the cold season is setting in. When the outdoor temperature is too much for them to bear, they will migrate indoors — into your home, without asking for your permission. If you have a dirty kitchen, you’re enticing them to stay. Clean up after preparing meals, and store food items in sealed containers so that rodents cannot find a source of food. You may also want to set mouse traps under the sink and in other areas where they may hide.

Before the winter truly sets in, you need to prepare your house. Make the necessary inspections and repairs so you can be at ease.