4 Ways to Increase Your Productivity As a Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate sales agent is tough. Apart from chasing deadlines and meeting quotas, you also have to manage your boss, clients, and most of all, yourself. Bring order to chaos and optimize your daily work schedule by observing the tips below:

Use a real estate review platform

This is one effective way to minimize your research. You can read helpful posts on sites such as landpricelist.ph to get familiar with what customers are looking for. Some of these sites also have a real estate review platform that compares prices depending on different locations.

Schedule all your lead-generation activities

An MIT study states that the best time to call potential clients is between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. In the morning, the effective times to call is between 8:00 am and 10:00 am when your clients are usually taking a break from work, and therefore available.

While it’s true that you should work around your client’s schedule, you can also take this opportunity to streamline your own. Make the most of the time in between by having meetings with your teammates or boss. Read up on the latest news and trends in real estate, or go on property tours.

Get trivial tasks out of the way

In case you haven’t heard of the two-minute rule, here’s what it’s about. It is a concept originated by David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done. It involves weighing the urgency of a task based on whether you can do them within two minutes or not.

Interestingly, as author James Clear pointed out as well, the two-minute rule could be best applied to doing trivial, nonlife-changing tasks, such as household chores. Do you have distracting tasks that you can complete in two minutes? Get on with it now.

Prioritize urgent and important tasks

Just like the previous tip, Stephen Covey’s quadrants rule is one of the most valuable concepts in productivity, apart from the Pomodoro Technique. Its first quadrant, which is about focusing on finishing urgent and important tasks, is particularly one that’s hard to master. However, doing so could help prevent from wasting so much time. Try it!