The Quality of Doctors and Nurses That Make Up a Competent ER Team

Emergency medicine (EM) is a challenging and fast-paced subspecialty in medical practice. Most people do not realize it is also highly team-oriented. Along with ancillary personnel, physicians and nurses make up the heart and soul of the E.R. Let us have a rundown of the top qualities E.R. doctors and nurses must possess.

The E.R. Doctor

Seeing patients in dire situations can be highly stressful. Without the ability to keep cool under stress, an ER doctor will not be an effective leader of the medical team. Moreover, the doctor must be an image of stability and calm amidst the often highly emotional environment of the E.R.

Most doctors in this area of practice must devote long hours, and remain a bastion of reliability and strength for their team and the clients as well. An ER doctor must deal with a huge variety of medical problems. An ER doctor must have the skills to help children, adults, and older persons alike.

Without excellent diagnostic skills, a physician in the emergency room will not be able to prescribe the best possible treatment and management to the patient. Moreover, an ER doctor must have the capability to organize any chaotic situation, and quick to plan anew should the first option prove to be inadmissible.

The E.R. Nurse

Companies specializing in emergency medicine staffing such as Emergency Staffing Solutions are always looking out for talented and experienced E.R. nurses. It is not easy for a nurse, no matter how qualified he or she may be, to take on the responsibilities of the emergency room.

When faced with life-or-death situations, a nurse must have the presence of mind to make the best possible choice. They should be able to reinstate calm when chaos and confusion arrive at their door, as is often the case in the E.R. when accident or trauma victims come.

Doctors and nurses at the E.R. develop certain skills and qualities that set them apart from other medical professionals practicing another medical specialization.