Building a New Home? Here’s How You Should Set Up Your HVAC

Building the home of your dreams is both exciting and daunting. Although you are excited to have the home you have always wanted, you may feel nervous about potential problems during construction. One area where you might find issues is with your HVAC setup.

Fortunately, a few tips can assure that the HVAC setup in your new home is trouble-free.

Know What You Want

There are many different HVAC systems to choose from, and each has various benefits. However, the system that tends to be the most popular is a ducted system. With a ducted system, ducts connect the system to each room, and the air blows out of vents or grills in the ceiling or floors.

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Size it Properly

Make sure you allow a professional to assist you with unit sizing. If you have an oversized unit, you will face significant issues with wider temperature swings, economics, air quality, moisture control and comfort. Sizing an HVAC unit correctly is one of the most critical aspects of HVAC installation.

Whether undersized or oversized, you will face issues unless you have the correct size.

Hire a Professional

Even if you are building your home yourself, you should never use the DIY approach when it comes to HVAC installation. HVAC professionals know all the proper measurements and spacing for ducts and the unit itself. There are specific rules, regulations, and building codes you must follow.

Invest in a Good Thermostat

An HVAC unit is only as good as the thermostat that operates it. While you may focus primarily on having a top-notch HVAC unit, you should not skip over the importance of a good thermostat. In fact, smart thermostats, while pricey, offer you the most control.

You can be well on your way to having the house you have always dreamed you would own by following the tips above. Building your home should be a fun and exciting time. The last thing you need is to sweat the small stuff, especially when it comes to your source of comfort – your HVAC unit.