AI, Security, and Voice Search: Tools on the Verge of Changing SEO

An essential part of your online presence is discoverability – and as SEO strategies continue to change, you do not want your site to falter. As any Utah SEO company such as SEO Werkz knows, design, content, and development choices will have a massive effect on SEO that you cannot ignore.

Here is everything you need to understand regarding SEO to keep yourself updated with the web environment of today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are a couple of means to tackle AI when it comes to SEO: AI that website developers use and AI that search engines use. The primary search engine uses machine learning to allow scrutiny on the projected prospect of websites from the information present.

This is where they will implement programs, such as Google’s RankBrain. Humans no longer need to rank the websites themselves for AI will do it for them.

These search bots will analyze websites by evaluating numerous aspects based on their complicated algorithms to figure out its spot on search engine result pages (SERPs).


Even websites that are rich in content, intuitive and well-built are simply as worthy as their security. You can employ the age-old “stranger danger” warning in several circumstances, and the Internet is unquestionably on the list.

Last January 2017, Google’s Chrome browser began cautioning users to avoid websites without an SSL certificate for these are less secure.

As you probably know, you have to earn your audience’s trust. Integrating this extra precaution to make sure your website is secure shows your non-human and human audience that you are a reliable and credible source.

Voice Search

For years, responsiveness has been a crucial factor, and mobile devices now account for most of the time users spend online. However, mobile search is developing a voice-controlled practice.

Now, you are required to think in reference to natural conversation. You should have a well-written content, and it must use actual conversational phrases. Of course, long-tail keywords are still important, but the way you phrase them is critical.

As search engine optimization develops, it is crucial that your site continues to advance alongside it. Keep in mind that an outdated search engine optimization is useless in helping your business succeed online.