The Holidays are Coming: ‘Tis the Season to Beef Up your MAP Policy Monitoring

While your team’s super busy planning for all the major sales happening this upcoming holiday season, you shouldn’t forget about your MAP policy enforcement. But how do you start to prepare for this and how could reinforce your enforcement procedures? Begin with the following ideas.

Make Sure to Organize your Team

Make sure that your team and if applicable, your stakeholders, know all about your MAP policy as well as the flexible terms in the policy that might apply to sellers. You wouldn’t want to “catch” a “MAP violator” during Black Friday and then finding out that what the seller did was actually in line with your MAP policy, wouldn’t you? Failing to coordinate with your team could lead to strained relationships with sellers.

Remind your Sellers, Gently but Forcefully, about your MAP Policy

In the weeks leading to the holidays, send your note outlining your MAP policy and the potential consequences for violating it. If you have flexible terms in your MAP policy, remind them of this as well so they know what they could do and what to avoid.

Reevaluate your MAP Policy Enforcement Procedures

Take some time off your holiday sales prep to go through your MAP policy monitoring procedures. If you’ve thoroughly automated your policing procedures, make sure that your software is correctly set up. Should you consider increasing the frequency of your searches across other less known online marketplaces? Do you have an effective way to monitor existing violations and those that might crop up?

Basically, you need to beef up and streamline your MAP policy monitoring this holiday season and make adjustments whenever necessary. You wouldn’t want to tie up your resources with monitoring your sellers, because after all, it is the holiday season, and your primary focus should be sales.

Having a MAP policy and enforcing it are two different things, so you need to make sure that both of them are on point this holiday season. Done right, you won’t have to lose sleep on catching violators and enforcing so you could better focus on ringing in the holiday season with a bang, which of course means, more sales.