Big Questions to Raise with your Franchise Consultant

Franchise businesses are great if you want to earn money yet have a solid marketing scheme in place. You would not have to think hard about what to do and how to do it — all you have to do is give it your full attention and everything will follow.

Today, we will discuss some questions that you can ask your franchise consultant before pushing through with your screen printing business.

Since When Have You Been Operating?

You want to get a business that has a strong foundation. Ask about their run and how long they have been serving people. The longer they have been in the business, the better since this only means that the company and business are strong enough to handle the test of time.

If you feel like they are not confident and that they have only been around for a few months or years, then you would want to think twice about getting a franchise from them.

Can You Show Me Some Important Statistics?

You should be able to convince the franchiser to show you their existing franchisee income, financial statement, and bank accounts. This only shows that the company is confident enough to let potential franchisees see their fruits of labor.

If they say no, and they won’t give you any information about these things, then you might want to look for another company that would.

What is your Mission and Vision?

You might want to ask this, as your vision and mission has to be aligned with that of the company’s. You want to be involved with a company who knows what they want and is sure of what their aspirations are.

This will surely make it easier for you to align with their mission and vision since you would know what to expect in the future.

Do not be scared to ask the right questions and be open about their answers. Note everything down and make sure to make a list of what you want to ask before speaking with them.