The Sound of Trouble: AC Sounds You Need to Watch Out For

Air conditioners designed recently are remarkably quiet compared to older models. If your AC suddenly started making weird sounds, then you should act right away. A contractor who provides air conditioning service in Knoxville TN might be able to help, especially if your unit starts squealing in the dead of the night.

Here are four spooky sounds you should never ignore.


Hissing sounds inside your air conditioning equipment might at first make you think there’s a slithery snake coiled there. But that’s not very likely in Bessemer. The most likely culprit is a leak somewhere inside your AC unit. Have an experienced technician examine and fix the problem right away.


Does it sound like there’s a sorcerer inside your AC brewing a concoction? Well, that’s the sound of your refrigerant running low. It could be that there’s a refrigerant leak in your air conditioning unit too. Left unattended, this issue can escalate and cause damage to the rest of the unit, so have it fixed right away.


Banging is one of the last sounds you want to hear in the middle of the night. It sounds like there’s a miniature zombie trapped inside there trying to get out. But that’s the sound of a loose bolt, screw or spring. Sometimes, the noise might point to a more serious issue, such as a problem with your motor.


If your AC is screaming, stop whatever you are doing and shut it off. It’s an indication that your unit may have high internal pressure, and that’s very dangerous. It might also be that there’s a refrigerant leak, which not only damages the unit but can harm your family’s health. Call a technician right away.

Your AC doesn’t usually break down without giving you some kind of warning. When you hear unusual sounds emanating from the unit, taking urgent action can prevent costly repairs in the future.