Small but Significant Details when Planning an Event

Planning a corporate event may seem like a whirlwind of tasks, and it’s easy to forget something small. Some big details may even fly right past you merely because you are too busy focusing on another aspect. It is not your fault that it can be an overwhelming task; however, it would be best if you remembered small but essential details.

For instance, these three should not be forgotten at your next company event:

Name Badges

While deciding on the food and drinks to serve guests, you may forget one important thing: name badges. If people from outside the company will be invited, badges will help identify which individuals are representing your company. If it’s an event just for company employees in NZ, badges may include the department they work for, so they can get to know people from different parts of the business.

A Map to the Venue

A product launch, for instance, will invite influencers and other important people in the industry. Not all of them might know the way to the venue. To guide them, a map showing how they can reach the venue from popular destinations can come in handy. This should be easy enough to do and include in the invites, but that means they should be out months or weeks before the event. You may also post the map online, where people can access it whenever they need.

Parking Considerations

The venue is big enough for the number of attendees, but what about the parking space? You would not want to deal with angry complaints on the day of the event, so make sure this is double-checked before booking the place. Aside from the attendees, you’ll also want to consider space for catering and equipment providers, as they will show up in their vehicles.

It’s the little things that sometimes creeps up on you and ruins your plans. To keep this from happening, think of yourself as an attendee and list down your concerns.