FDA laws that affects e-juice mixers

As a regular vaper, you may find yourself tired of using the available e-juices from your favorite store and may want to mix your e-juice that you prefer. Vapes or e-cigs have helped many people quit smoking odorous regular cigarettes. If you live in the U.S. and you want to mix your e-juice, you may want to know how the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) may affect you.

FDA laws that affect e-juice mixers

One of the most notable benefits of mixing your e-juice is that you may earn a decent profit from it if you’re looking for a vape franchise opportunities. However, like manufacturers or modifiers of vaping devices, e-juice mixers also need to comply with the strict FDA regulations. The FDA regulates e-juice mixers similar to tobacco product retailers or manufacturers.

Aside from the elaborate recommendations, domestic e-juice mixers are required to provide all relevant documents to the FDA. As an e-juice mixer, you need to provide your name and mailing address and other contact details where the FDA may reach you. You need to show your copy of the “Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau” permit numbers. The FDA has been accepting documents from e-juice mixers every 20th of the month since August 2016. Fill out the Form FDA 3852 together with your supporting documents if you think you have all the e-juice mixer information required by the FDA.

Man vapingVaping or e-cigs have been continuously controversial because of its benefits versus the risk factors. The FDA continues to restrict these popular cigarette smoking alternatives even some studies have suggested its outright benefits to smokers. In a recent opinion article, a columnist recounted how vaping helped him quit from smoking. He even argued that it’s normal for adult vapers to choose from a variety of e-juice flavors.

The success of e-juice mixing depends on the substance you use

Mixing your e-juice allows you to create any flavor you like and it greatly depends on the type of substances you use. While Propylene Glycol (PG) is a common base used in most e-juices, some mixers consider using the least common Vegetable Glycerin (VG) for several reasons. E-juices with VG base have lower allergy risk and throat hit which you may find ideal if you have some allergic reactions to other e-juice substances.

VG-based e-juices are often sweet, and it allows you to produce massive billows of vapors but you may need to often clean your atomizer from gunk because of its consistency.

The FDA allows the use of both PG and VG in e-juices; you can even mix them together to make your e-juice.

If you mix your e-juice, you can experiment with the flavor and the thickness of vapor you want to produce.

While mixing your e-juice has some benefits, you may need to comply with the FDA’s stringent regulations mostly if you have plans on making a profit out of it. You may either use PG or VG as the base substance of your e-juice mix, depending on what kind of flavor or vapor you want to achieve.