Thinking of Running Your Own Company? These 5 Home Improvement Business Ideas Can Get You Started

Four years ago, home improvement and repair spending in the United States amounted to $326 billion, based on estimates from Statista, a leading provider of consumer and market data. With the real estate and home improvement industries growing, it’s safe to say that there is an enormous potential for home improvement businesses to prosper in 2019 and beyond.

If you’re keen on riding the profitability wave of the home improvement industry, here are five promising business ideas:

Landscape Improvement

More and more people put a lot of emphasis and value on how their gardens look. Design Hill says that if you are passionate about landscaping, it would be worthwhile to open a landscaping business. If you are hesitant about going into the home improvement industry without any assistance, you might want to get a franchise. Look for landscaping or lawn franchise opportunities in your area.

Interior Design Services

If you have experience and expertise in interior design, consider offering this service to homes and commercial properties in your city. In the era of home flipping and staging, there’s a large market for these services. Many homeowners want to see changes in their homes at least once every few years. The changes can be as small as changing the paint color of walls or as big as a complete home overhaul.

Repair and Sale of Window Blinds

The SMB sector has not realized the profit potential of window blinds or other window treatments. According to Profitable Venture, the sale, installation, and repair of window blinds are lucrative services. A business like this does not need a very high capital or many employees, which is a good thing for budding entrepreneurs who are hesitant to invest a lot.

Tree Trimming and Removal

This is a popular service in rapidly developing areas, where construction and expansion happen all the time. You can cash in on the development by offering tree trimming and removal. You’d also be doing the community a favor by eliminating trees that have overgrown their properties and have become a safety hazard to homeowners and building managers. You will find a market in property developers and future construction projects.

Glass Block, Drywall, and Door Installation

Man installing door

Glass blocks, doors, and drywalls are regular features in homes. Glass blocks are popular in window installation while drywalls are used in building walls and ceilings. With reliable material suppliers, you can provide quality glass block and drywall services. With doors, on the other hand, you can maintain a steady income stream by offering door installation as both a functional and aesthetic service.

The home improvement sector is one industry that will likely not decline in the coming years. If you have immediate plans to start your own business, it won’t hurt to explore this industry for feasible businesses that suit your skills and interest. These five ideas can get you started on the road to successful entrepreneurship.