Here’s Your Summer Readiness Checklist

They say time seems to pass by quicker as you grow older. It seemed like yesterday you were still complaining about winter, but next thing you know, summer is just around the corner. You should be preparing the household, and your schedule for all that summer brings.

These should be part of your checklist:

Repair Your AC

You’d want to stay indoors on the days that are too hot to go outside. However, even the indoor temperature will not be favorable if your air conditioner is not functioning properly. As early as now, you should already be in contact with a Montgomery, AL contractor to do the necessary air conditioning repair before the temperatures soar. Sure, you can wait a few more weeks to do this, but the closer you are to summer, the busier contractors will be.

Organize Your Closet

You enjoyed your thick comforters and ponchos in winter, but they have no use when the weather is too warm to even wear long-sleeved shirts. It’s time to store winter clothing┬áto give way to more comfortable clothes. Dress appropriately for the hot weather so you lessen the risk of having breathing difficulties and feeling uncomfortable.

Stack up on Sun Protection

There will be plenty of opportunities to go to the beach, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the sun. That does not mean your skin should suffer, however. Keep your skin protected from head to toe while you’re out and about. You’ll look better in pictures and feel better about the trip to the beach if you’re not sunburnt. Sunscreens are your best friend during summer to protect your skin from permanent sun damage.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the sun once summer comes? Before you think about all the Instagram posts you’ll have, think about how comfortable you will be at home and outside.