Guns Are Not the Only Dangers Lurking in Schools

Gun control is a hot topic right now, and anyone is entitled to their own opinion. What we should not forget, however, is that schools allow hundreds of people in and out every day. There are so many things that can happen inside each classroom and in the hallways.

Take a look at these problems that may start at school:


School premises in Chula Vista have hundreds of potential carriers of bacteria and potential victims, who can, in turn, go home and infect family members. Without janitorial services keeping everything clean and orderly, one touch of a doorknob or a faucet may be the start of an epidemic. Especially during flu season or other times of the year when young bodies are vulnerable to sicknesses, there’s no knowing just how bad it can be. The shame is that you could have prevented it by paying attention to cleanliness.


A small child is defenseless when a group of bigger children resorts to bullying. It doesn’t matter what the child does or does not do; bullies will find a reason to let out their aggression in verbal or physical attacks. Your school should not tolerate bullies, and you should encourage students to step forward to let you know who is responsible for such acts. Partner with the parents of those bullies to see how they can be improved, as they might continue this kind of behavior into adulthood if not corrected.


Though there have been proposed changes to school lunches, not all schools may find it compelling to adhere to a more nutritious menu. That hurts your children and starts them off to a life-long battle with obesity. It’s a big issue in the United States, but you can do something about it. Check that the cafeteria is serving a balanced meal, and educate children about the importance of eating healthy.

The school is the second home for children. Make schools safe so children can absorb their lessons without being distracted by sicknesses and other worries.