2 Smart Benefits of Doing Employee Background Checks

Your business is booming, and you’re looking forward to a month full of bustling sales. If the trend holds, it’s likely to be your best month of the year so far. Things couldn’t be any better. Well, save for one small problem—you’re shorthanded. One of your trusty employees was taken ill. Now, you’re on the hunt for a quick replacement to help you keep the register ringing.

But before making any hire, be sure to carry a background check on your potential employee. Thanks to modern technology, you can carry out a national police check in SA over the Internet.

Reduce shrinkage

According to an Insider Retail report, retailers in Australia lose up to A$2.7 billion per year to theft. Further reports indicate that in the period running up to Christmas, retailers lose about 3% of the Christmas spend. That works up to losing about A$1.4 billion in a matter of weeks.

Of course, it’s easier to blame the loss to shoplifters and other criminals. Well, that’s until you consider that employee theft is the second largest cause of retail shrinkage. It comes in at 25%, hot on the heels of pilfering at 39%.

Reduce employee frustrations

Losing stock worth tens of thousands of dollars is frustrating large outlets and crippling to the smaller ones. The witch-hunt that follows such a discovery is often demoralizing to the employees. Thankfully, modern technology such as video surveillance makes the process easier.

The gloom that follows such a period can crush the employees’ moral and lower their productivity. In such an environment, workers are constantly on edge and worried about their jobs. In other words, such a loss carries with it additional losses that can hurt your business.

Having trusty employees on your payroll is the first step towards running a successful business. With innovative technology, you can carry out a background check quickly when onboarding new hires.