The Many Roles of the Contemporary Pharmacy

Today’s pharmacies have become more than a place to get your medications. Over the years, this aspect of medical care has transitioned from pharmacists pouring Coca-Cola and other elixirs to partnering with your health care team to monitor your condition. Medicine Shoppe Dewey adds that pharmacists now also have the ability to prescribe medicines.
Clearly, the pharmacy has come a long way. Here’s a quick look at what the drug-dispensing place can do:

Reviews for Medications

A capable pharmacy provides the customer with medication reviews services. This means the pharmacist can check the medications that the customer is taking to determine if he or she is receiving the right dosage for the condition. For minor conditions, from a cold sore to headaches, a licensed pharmacist may suggest medication.

Prescribing for Minor Health Conditions

Sometimes you can suddenly get sick at home with allergies, insect bites, strains, sprains, or stomach aches. These minor health conditions don’t necessarily need intervention from a doctor, so pharmacists offer help with prescriptions.

Keeping Track of Your Medication Intake

If you are on multiple medications, it could get hard to keep track of your pills and bottles. This is a frequent problem that pharmacists can address. These professionals can arrange prescribed pills according to the time of the day, so you can remember to take them in the morning, noon, supper, or at bedtime.

The contemporary pharmacy can do more than dispense medication. It can perform duties beyond ensuring that you are able to take your medicines the right way. It can also advise your healthcare team and even help you with other services, from cholesterol management to smoking cessation.

With advancements in technology, future pharmacies may even come with robots that dispense medication. Other exciting developments include devices that inform pharmacies and drug companies about the effect of your medications. This in turn will help the medical community improve prescribed medications.