How to Cut Costs in a Restaurant


Buying new commercial grade equipment for your kitchen need not cause you to split hairs or get expensive loans. With a little creativity, you can lower your operational costs without diluting the quality of service.

Getting the best commercial catering equipment in Kent will give you a much-needed edge in the super competitive sector. You get to improve your service delivery, enhance customer experience, and cater to larger crowds. It means that you have an opportunity to grow your business to the next level and increase your market share.

Since such equipment carries a high price tag, it is likely to set you back. Instead of opting for expensive financing, you can choose to raise much of that cash by lowering your business expenses.

Improve Employee Efficiency

You don’t stand a chance of saving a penny in your eatery if you can’t get your entire team to adopt cost-saving measures. Any change that you try to institute will be ignored or will take effect slowly. Instead, you need to gather your team and share the facts that underlie the new directives.

Explaining why these cost-cutting measures are necessary and how the new equipment will make their work easier can win over their support. Typically, you need them to make small but harmless changes in their work routine. For instance, you can have them not leave the lights on, only run a full dishwasher, and soak dishes to avoid using hot water. The savings from such actions compound over time and can be sizeable.

Reduce Kitchen Waste

clean kitchen

Recent reports indicate that about 75,000 pounds of food go to waste in an average restaurant yearly. You pay a pretty penny for all your provisions. With that in mind, you should have all your chefs follow a kitchen prep list that dictates ingredient usage per dish.

Prep lists reduce overpreparation, thereby curbing food waste. Adopting a first-in, first-out trick lets you put all your ingredients to good use. You get to store supplies in the order they come in to enable you to use the oldest ingredients first. It means that you’ll never throw away food because it went bad.

Lower Staff Turnover

Your employees are the most significant business asset that you have, and you should treat them as such if you want to beat the competition. Treating your workers fairly and appreciating their hard work and motivates them to put their best foot forward. It also saves you a ton of money in the process since you don’t have to replace them often. A high employee turnover means that you’ll have to spend lots of time, money, and effort in recruiting new hires. Too many new employees at the same time will scatter your cost-saving measures because they are unfamiliar with them.

Commercial kitchen and catering equipment has a high asking price that can leave a gaping hole in your wallet. To avoid incurring massive business debts, you can opt to raise much of the cash as a business. You only need to find creative ways to lower your operational costs. Not only will such measures help you meet your financial goals; they will also streamline your operations.