Why You Can Benefit from Using Steel Beams

man standing on steal beams

Steel is a construction material that is commonly used in most modern buildings, bridges, and related structures. It is a mix of iron and some alloy. Extremely malleable, one can it can mould it into many types of steel products, such as steel beam products.

To learn more about this popular construction metal, Meever Konnection shares a few more facts about it.


When it comes to strength, steel is in the higher end among top materials. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio. This ratio measures the resistance of a material against stress. With wood, for instance, the ratio is very low, as wood breaks in extreme stress.

Steel, on the other hand, can resist very high stresses without any fracture. Beams made of steel are indeed perfect for most homes and tall buildings.


Another important feature of steel is its resistance to corrosion. Steel should be sturdy, able to resist corrosive agents, such as rust. Wood rots. Stone breaks apart. But steel, with its mixture, is naturally resistant from common environmental elements.

Steel beams made of stainless steel, mixed with chromium, is the most resistant of all steel beams. With this resistance to corrosion, steel beams can last far longer.


Steel’s malleability is key to its flexibility and, hence, versatility. It can be worked into many forms for specific purposes. For electrical systems, one can use a steel floor deck and underfloor ducts, instead of cement.

For mechanical purposes, such as in HVAC systems, steel beam web penetrations can carry or cover ducts, eliminating the need to add building height. In the process, for both systems, the cost is significantly reduced.

With costs controlled, steel beams are cheaper than the average construction material, (e.g., aluminium).

Steel beams are very reliable in both use and cost measures. To build strong and flexible structures, steel beams are the ideal material. As construction history suggests, steel remains an engineering marvel since it was first created.