On Foreign Soil: Pointers for Studying Abroad

There might be a thousand reasons why people choose to study abroad, and as a young adult, you might have had several dinners to talk this over with your parents. Whether it’s a personal decision or not, studying overseas might be your best decision yet, and the road to success can be challenging.

You will eventually find yourself in a constant battle with social and mental issues on top of some academic difficulties. You will find that choosing the right health insurance for students abroad is more straightforward than choosing which food to buy out there. Understanding these concerns will help you adjust and overcome each challenge.


Even families who have migrated to another country are understandably anxious about coping, especially the kids. Homesickness does not only mean missing your family but also the things that remind you of home: your friends, your house, your room, and your loved ones. This feeling is an innate human response to connect when the mind is stressed as it understands when you are alone.

To help keep your mind off homesickness, satisfy your mind’s longing to connect. Try your best to make friends and minimize the use of social media, which will only remind you of home. Although keeping in touch once in a while is necessary, try to focus on making connections with new people around you.

Culture shock

Aside from the obvious language barrier, finding directions can be challenging. As a foreigner, you will stand out, so don’t be offended by sudden glances and constant looks. Most of the time, it’s more of a curiosity than anything else. Try to learn a few words, most notably those for directions and emergencies.

At school, you might not be able to understand their pop culture or whatever is hip to the locals your age. Don’t try too hard, especially if it’s not your style. You are trying to blend in and not be odd. Find a person whom you think can be your next best friend and one who can show you the ropes.

Academic focus

It might be too late to realize that you jumped the gun. Even if your parents will welcome you home with open arms, do your best to finish what you have started. With all other concerns aside, you came here, so stick with your decision for as long as you can.

Most Asians studying abroad understand this kind of situation. English is not their primary language, and it is a lot harder to learn a topic or study a subject while your brain is translating at the same time. An excellent way to help you cope with your studies is to join study groups and find a tutor if you can. Whatever the concern, make sure to talk to your school counselor for assistance.

Financial status

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Sticking to your budget is a good foundation for practicing independence. Discipline is essential when it comes to your finances. Keep your expenses tied to your necessities and avoid overspending. You can never anticipate emergencies, and you might need to call someone for help.

In the end, a positive outlook can always promote a healthy mind and body. Whatever the situation, you should know that people are rooting for your success.