What Could Please Travelers and Guests in a Hotel?

Competing hotels try to outdo each other by featuring lovely guest rooms, amenities, and function rooms. You can make a huge difference by also showcasing a beautiful lawn that guests could enjoy.

One of the most competitive industries in the country is the hospitality sector. In some instances, hotels or other accommodation facilities like resorts are just a stone’s throw away from each other. It’s easy to visualize them having an invisible tug-of-war for guests, with each competing to have their rooms filled up. Win over more guests by providing extra amenities and lower rates. Others depend on having a perfect location that would provide guest with the best views. Sometimes, however, all of these become sort of a cliché for travelers.

Everything Seems the Same

While it is perfectly fine not to change things that work, it sometimes becomes a necessity to consider other improvements. For instance, you claim your guest rooms feature king size beds and 40” TVs, but other hotels have these too. So what sets you apart from them? You can remove the brand type from the equation as most guests are not keen on such details. How about amenities like heated pools that offer majestic views? Believe it or not, there are competing hotels with only the road dividing them, and both have identical amenities.

What Guests Need

A study published by Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business reveals guests view amenities and facilities with less importance. This means hotel guests care little about the size and brand of TV sets or whether the hotel has a pool. Other features that received little attention from hotel guests are the building and location. This is perhaps because guests already know what to expect from the location or the building before checking in.

As expected, hotel guests were keener on the kind of service they receive. Surprisingly, they are also more focused on the immediate surroundings of the hotel and in their room. In short, guests are more interested in the comfort and relaxation they could get from their stay.

A Worthy Makeover

Hotel with poolThe results of the Cornell research jolted hotels into action. Many of them are undertaking makeovers that would answer the preferences of guests. Among those that are given major attention are front lawns. Many hotels have engaged the services of commercial property lawn care specialists to undertake landscaping renovation and improvements.

These experts can transform what was once a plain green area into an explosion of colors. Hotels also understand the importance of setting the mood for its guests. This is why they work with experts to match the color design of their front lawn to the season. Doing so could attract the attention of visitors who can potentially become their guests.

A Beautiful Landscape

Travelers already expect hotel accommodations to be up to standards. This means amenities like Wi-Fi, TV, keyless entry, air-conditioning, and many more are fully functioning. For guests to experience all these, however, your hotel’s exterior must be attractive enough for them to check in.

Landscaping in the hotel’s front section, recreational areas, pools, and parking spaces must be inviting and have a calming effect. These areas must also be kept clean and properly maintained. Doing so helps retain the beauty and tranquility of the landscaped sections. Additionally, it will attract more guests because it presents an image of comfort and beauty.

Lawn care experts can help much in this aspect. Once done, your hotel will have a beautiful landscape that will entice and draw in a lot of guests.