Starting a Career as a Football Referee

When it comes to sports, football remains one of the most popular out there. No matter where you are, there will always be some people playing the game. And to be clear, we are talking about regular football, not the ones that the Americans play.

A lot of people dream of becoming pros in the game. They start in the academy and work they way up from the youth squad all the way to the first team. Some players are fortunate enough to get their lucky break before they turn eighteen. Others get their footing once they mature and get more experience as they play. Sadly, however, not all people are ready or have the skills to go pro.

But this should not discourage you from loving or playing the game further. There are still some careers available should you still want to ‘play’ the game. Becoming a football referee is one of those careers. You will need to sort out a few things before you become one, though.

Know the Game Inside and Out

Your love of the game should translate well once you become a referee. Your knowledge of the rules on the pitch will make you a fair and highly respected referee. So make sure that you read up on the rules of the game. And keep yourself updated on the latest rule changes and additions. Things like VAR were only introduced quite recently.

Take a Refereeing Course

Just because you know and play the game does not mean that you are already fit to referee one. There are steps that every person needs to take to become an official referee. And taking a referee course in one of them.

These simple courses teach you the more technical aspect of the game – the things normal fans rarely see. Once this is over, you are then given clearance to referee small games. With enough experience, you can slowly work your way up to refereeing bigger games.

Buy the Necessary Equipment

a football

As an official referee, you need to look and dress the part. You need to buy and wear the approved apparel whenever you officiate a game.

Jersey colors will vary depending on a number of factors. Things like the colors used by other teams are one of them. You cannot referee a game wearing the same color of the teams playing. They might mistake you for a player on the pitch. So make sure you buy an assortment of plain-colored jerseys. But do not worry, sometimes the league or your employer will supply it for you.

Apart from that, you will also need different accessories for the game. Whistles, flags, a hi-vis tabard are required by the game. So stock up on such valuable equipment as they are vital to keeping the game in order and in check.

Refereeing is not for everyone. Most people want to become pros and have their names plastered all over their city. But without referees, there might not be a football game to see and love.

It is a noble profession that not too many people are keen on pursuing. But if your love of the game has no bounds, then this is the career for you. And who knows, you might be officiating for one of the largest games of the world in the future? Now that is something to look forward too, right?