Strategies on Overcoming Common Hurdles in Small Business Loan Applications

Becoming a business owner is a dream most people aim to actualize. Apart from the start-up costs of a business, you still require capital to keep your doors open. Small business loans are the ideal cash solution for most companies.

There are essential hurdles business owners need to overcome when applying for small business loans in Minnesota (MN). While it is true that getting approval for a loan is difficult, it is not impossible. Here are some tips for overcoming the hurdles you will face when applying for a business loan.

Loan Collateral

Lenders still require borrowers to give them a guarantee when applying for business loans, even when they have good credit score ratings. Since most small businesses lack the necessary assets for collateral, owners are personally liable for the loan.

SBA loans might be ideal in situations where you lack appropriate collateral. About 75% of this loan is government-backed.


Small business loans require documentation. This includes credit reports, tax returns, business plans, bank statements, and legal documents among other documents.

Ensure you are thorough and the information you provide on the documents is accurate. This will increase your chances of getting loan approval.

Credit Score

Lenders always check your credit score when considering your loan application. Your personal and business credit histories determine the interest rate your lender gives you. Keeping a personal and business credit score of above 700 is advisable to get a favorable interest rate.

Make timely bill payments and pay off most — if not all — your debts before applying for a loan to be considered a desirable borrower.

When applying for a loan, ensure you get a lender with your best interests at heart. The wrong lender will do your business more harm than good. Know exactly how much you should ask for and what you qualify for before applying for your loan.