Unique Ways Solar Power Has Been Applied Aside from the Home

Residential solar power in your Denver home can be a great boon to you, especially here in sunny Colorado. Solar energy can power your home while slashing your energy expenses. At the same time, you can enjoy little maintenance on the panels, and you help protect the environment as well. You can install solar panels in your home if you want to enjoy all of these benefits.

Application 1: Signage

Solar power has been a blessing in many different areas of society besides the home. Where else can you find solar power being utilized? Beginning with the simple applications, solar power has been used to power the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign since 2014.

The sign first went up back in 1959.

Application 2: Trash Compacting

When you visit Vail, you can find a trash solar-powered trash compactor there manufactured by a solar technology company. The trash compactor has since spread to different locations in America, and it had even reached the U.K.

Since its debut in Vail back in 2004, the technology has only grown smarter all while being power by the sun.

Application 3: Military Tents

Moving to grander applications of solar power, the U.S. military has long been looking at solar-power-supported tents. The tents can power equipment, computers, and batteries, eliminating the need for soldiers to haul fuel and generators on the field.

The military also gain increased mobility with such a portable energy source.

Application 4: Paths and Roadways

Solar power has also been applied to bike paths and parking lots as well by different companies. Applications have been highly successful as the solar panels have been developed to be a safe road surface while collecting power.

The learning that comes from them can help fuel further development on solar power on roads and highways.

Solar power has been applied elsewhere such as cars, boats, even planes. The possibilities are endless. Even when you only use solar power at home, you can already be a part of the future through the simple residential use of solar power.