Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your Branding

The brand you create is what people will remember. In some cases, it’s not about the actual product or service but the perception about a company that makes the difference. One clear example is Apple. There are many similar smartphones on the market, but why do people spend more just to get their hands on the latest iPhone?

Experts on branding cite the following strategies you can implement to improve your brand’s image.

Integrate Your Products into the Routines of Customers

Company promotional items such as mugs, umbrellas, shirts and other similar products allow you to get into the daily routines of your target customers. This increases the top-of-mind awareness of your brand. Every time they see your colours, tagline or the promotional item you gave them, you will be the first they remember or recommend.

Associate Your Brand with an Emotion or Experience

Branding isn’t just about the features of your product, but also the reactions and emotions it elicits. One of the most effective strategies is to associate your brand with a positive experience or emotion. Both have strong connections with those that feel them. Once you reach your intended audience on a personal level, you’ll be able to make a pitch to them.

One such example is Coke. They don’t just talk about their product but associate each swig with a positive feeling or experience. Their commercials display the emotional swing of going home, making new friends and other similar emotions.

Be Consistent across Platforms

When you build a brand, it has to be consistent and relevant across platforms. Find consistency in all aspects of branding such as colour schemes, messaging and value proposition. Doing so allows you to fine tune your approach and develop the perception of your target audience in the way you want.

These branding strategies allow you to gain a competitive advantage, be relevant in the eyes of your audience and convert at a higher rate. Discuss with your marketing team on how you can implement and integrate these into your overall business goals.