Your Quick Guide to Appreciating Singaporean Cuisine

When you go on holiday to Singapore, there are many places you want to visit and people to meet. Part of that holiday experience is your partaking of their culinary offerings. Eating Singaporean dishes can help you appreciate the country’s culture and people.

The food of a destination is some kind of a capsule that will tell a lot about the history and the people involved in it. You have to respect it and appreciate it. So whether you are planning to eat at a hawker centre or avail a restaurant promotion in Singapore, here are some of the tips that will help you appreciate Singaporean cuisine.

Be genuinely interested

Being genuinely interested in how the food is made will help you better appreciate it. For example, once you see the painstaking process involved in making laksa, you will appreciate the hard work of the people behind it. Being interested in the ingredients will help you appreciate the taste dimensions of the dish.

Try everything as much as you can

Be brave and try everything as much as you can. What’s good about Singaporean cuisine is that you will never know what will surprise you. Who knows, you might even taste your next favourite. If something does not match your taste, do not try to be vocal with your displeasure. Be discreet and respectful.

Learn the etiquette

Cuisine appreciation also requires that you learn the dos and don’ts of the culinary experience. For one, if you are eating with your whole family at a restaurant in Singapore, you should let the elders pick up their chopsticks or other utensils first. If there is a lazy Susan used on the table, it should be turned to the elders first.

These are only some of the things you should keep in mind if you want to appreciate Singaporean cuisine. The key to it is sensitivity.