Which are the Most Favourite Brands in New Zealand for 2018?

Companies that want to improve their corporate social responsibility should take a page from Air New Zealand’s book, as the airline continued to be the most favourite brand in the country for 2018.

Colmar Brunton’s Corporate Reputation Index (CRI) has listed the company on top of the rankings for the fourth consecutive year. Other than corporate social responsibility, it based its selection on the company’s fairness, success and leadership, and public trust.

Marketing Initiatives

Kiwi enterprises can aspire to be part of the list, as they now have more options for promoting their corporate brand. A promotional products’ agency, for instance, may offer a diverse range of services that are tailor-made for every business. A spot on the CRI rankings could attract potential clients and entice top talents to join your company.

Exceptional customer service particularly helped the fastest rising brands on the index for this year, according to Colmar Brunton chief client officer Sarah Bolger. Silver Fern Farms used this approach to move up to the 12th spot from 33rd place in the previous year.

The Benefits

By fostering strong client relationships, companies can build a solid foundation of trust. Companies that are on the list already enjoy a good reputation. Other brands, such as TVNZ, Toyota, AA Insurance and Z Energy can resolve a PR crisis more easily, partly because clients are confident of their problem-solving skills, Bolger said.

This only indicates that an effective branding strategy’s benefits go beyond improving your bottom line. In the future, consumers will continue to trust the top performers on the index.

You may think that big brands are the only ones capable of promoting their corporate names, but some initiatives do not have to cost a fortune. It can even be as simple as wearing custom-designed shirts during an outreach programme.