3 Snacks You Can Market to Millennials

There are thousands of snack options and people have varying preferences. You can’t offer all snacks and please all people, but you can choose one snack to do well to please your intended market.

Think about convenience and marketability when planning an entrepreneurial pursuit. Here, we’ve narrowed the options for you:

Soft Pretzels

Festivals are everywhere, and music and art lovers gather to have the time of their life. Refreshments in these events include lemonades and soft pretzels. Now, even if there’s no festival scheduled in your location, you can still give customers a way to liven up their profiles with a fun food shot.

A soft pretzel franchise can put you on the map with an established name associated with your business, so all you have to do is make these pretzels and your store Instagram-worthy.

Ice Cream

With the weather quickly turning, customers want something refreshing. This is the perfect time to offer a shop selling soft-serve ice cream. Choose seasonal fruits, so you can offer them at a competitive price while getting the local economy going. Go ahead and experiment with new flavors or give classic flavors a twist. You can even allow customers to get creative with their toppings, which can boost your sales tremendously.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Marketing to Millennials is all about taking classics and reinventing them to be worthy of an Instagram post. Grilled cheese sandwich is one such classic, and you’ve probably had more than a couple at home. For your business venture, elevate the dish by offering rainbow grilled cheese or offering a vegan alternative. Don’t skimp on the looks; it’s not just about taste for Millennials who eat with their eyes before they even take a bite.

Millennials are not hard to market to if you know what they want. As it happens, they want value for money — and food that is also a feast to the eyes.